Sunday, 3 October 2010

Karen Durant - Travel Agent to Avoid!

I'm unsure if this woman aims to take money she is not entitled to on purpose or it is severe incompetence. On first calling her as I had not had a reply to an enquiry I had about accommodation I was due to book, I had a very rude and abrupt response from herself, and the man who first answered the phone sounded like he was defending a rather disorganised and stressful person.

Very close to the booking dates Karen Durant contacted me to say that the accommodation requested had already been booked by another! This is something of a habit for her and there are other reports on here illustrating my point! Even thought I confirmed it was available and speedily sent off her booking form with my credit cards in insecurely by email as per her request!

I was offered alternative accommodation but the be honest most of the accommodation I have seen on offer from Karen Durant is less favourable than a week in a Mosside estate flat! Tripadvisor is full of negativity for all of her properties I have been shown, which seems odd as she keeps these properties on her site! I'm sure a horse owner would soon ditch a loosing horse, but this is part of business she fails on hard!

When a refund was requested the time for refund was double that of the time to take payment and seemed come in 3 days after I chased Karen Durant again for payment! Not only was there a delay meaning I had to move funds to ensure I could pay for my other accommodation losing me money, it was also over £8 short! I emailed Karen Durant about this and had no response so have informed my bank to take this charge back and submitting them details explaining why that visa will review.

The 4u at the end of her domains says it all really. Just google phones4u/singlepoint complaints and you will see she seems to be emulating a lot of their style ;)

Karen Durant
298 Nelson Road, Twickenham, Middlesex TW2 7BW
p: 02088933172 f: 02088938090


Unknown said...

I also had bad experience with Karen Durant and her Holidays4U company, this was the first time I had stayed in self catering accommodation on holiday and I have to say my experience with this agent has really put me off such holidays as it has made me realise what cowboys are out there selling sub-standard holiday accommodation at exorbitant prices, really really bad customer service and complete indifference to customer complaints.

DreadStar said...

That sounds all too familiar Marita. I'm sorry for your bad luck in not finding this page sooner, hopefully others will before they suffer miss fortune. My bank even had to take back funds from her as she didn't repay them so I don't think she cares about her financial reputation either.

Unknown said...

Good afternoon!
Tenerife is the best island I've been. And I recommend everybody to visit it. However my advice "ANYWAY AVOID KAREN DURANT AND" It's 100% fraud. If you want to throw your money apply to Karen. here are some reasons why I say so
- apartments on her site and real apartments are different (as you understand on photo they are perfect)
- you can prepay for it but next day Karen Durant can say that it's already booked and she offers you to rent another. Nice idea, because you' ve already paid and won't refund.
- Karen Durant wants 100% prepayment. No one agents work the same. Prepayment is 20-30% no more
- if you want to cancel because of force Majeure YOU WANT GET YOUR MONEY BACK.
- you can find in Google dozenz negative reviews about Karen. (more than 2/3 of her clients applied to the court